Back 2 Basics Dog Training Inc.



Welcome to Back 2 Basics Dog Training Inc. where we believe that “it’s never too early or too late to train you and your dog”!  Our mission here at Back 2 Basics is to help dog owners experience great fulfillment of dog ownership with knowledge, patience, understanding and commitment.  Educating more dog owners and helping them train their faithful canine companions prevents more dogs from being put in shelters.




At Back 2 Basics Dog Training we help educate dog owners to provide structural obedience and “Rules” which their dogs must follow.  People don’t realize how very important it is to provide your dog with structure.  A lack of structure promotes insecurity in your dog and insecurities always lead to behavioral problems. Owners will learn to properly communicate with their dog so that he/she will understand what you want from him/her. Your dog will learn right from wrong. This will help promote and establish a proper and happy relationship between the two.


So, are you ready?

Are you willing to make changes to your own

behavior and how you interact with your


Are you willing to use the proper training and

management techniques required to modify

your dog’s behavior?

Are you willing to help your dog be a well

behaved and obedient canine companion?


If you’re ready, then give it a try.  Let’s start with some basic training today!