From behavioral issues, house breaking, basic obedience, to introducing your dog to your new baby, I offer a variety of services.  There is no one method to dog training.  Puppy through Advanced training is available, "tailored & customized to fit you and your dogs needs." Dog’s are rewarded for good behavior and corrected when exhibiting unwanted behaviors in our training techniques. Our approach is positive, fun, effective and humane.


PRIVATE LESSONS (single session) 

Combine the advantages of individualized training and flexible scheduling at your convenience. If you simply want the dog to learn not to pull on leash, perhaps one lesson is all you need. Sessions can be focused on solving particular problems, or can be a basic obedience course. We will address the issues most important to you. Individual lessons can be booked as needed and we will never over-sell the number of lessons you need!!




Puppies must be at least 8 weeks of age. This six week training will teach the dog socialization, handling, and basic disciplines required to promote manageable behavior in and around the home, to enhance the young dog’s receptiveness to future training. Training will cover biting/nipping, chewing, walking on a leash, manners and basic commands such as sit, no and come.



Dogs must be at least four months old. This six week training program consists of and is limited to teaching the dog basic disciplines required to promote manageable behavior in and around the home as well as in public.  The dog will be taught the following commands: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, No and Okay. 


BEYOND THE BASICS TRAINING - 8 Sessions (prerequisite: Basic Obedience Training)

This eight week advanced training program consists of teaching the dog and the owner team work; distance work (commands at a distance), hand signals, introducing and working with distractions. This eight week program can also be modified for preparation training for the Canine Good Citizen Test.

Custom Packages at discounted rates (packages must be paid in advance- call for rates)



BOARDING - Access to a safe, clean and fun environment; Daily feeding, exercising and walks; Attention, playtime,  plenty of socializing , and TLC.

BOARD & TRAIN – please call for prices, packages vary from 1-3 week stays

For owners who are busy, just want their dog to make faster progress in training, or who have serious training and behavior problems with their dog, we offer in-home Boarding & Training. (Dog training will be tailored according to the individual dogs needs and the dog will be trained daily).   

(proof of vaccinations is required- owner provides food and bedding; Please Call For Pricing)